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DOWNLOAD: Work in Progress Spreadsheet

by Mark Whitby
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Use this spreadsheet to track your "work in progress" quickly and easily!

This tool helps you to prioritize your live jobs and stay in control of what's happening on your desk. It will even help you predict your pipeline and produce acurate sales forecasts.

You'll want to update your Work in Progress sheet every day. It will help you to manage your time effectively and focus your effort on the vacancies which are most likely to pay off.

Make it a daily habit to review your Work in Progress and ask yourself two questions:

  1. What can I do today to move this vacancy to the next stage in the placement process?
  2. What could prevent this from closing, and what can I do today to minimize those risks?

If you follow this discipline, you'll find easier to stay on top of everything and your vacancy to placement ratio is sure to increase.

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Printer-Friendly Format