Recruiter Training - Increased Billings in 30 Days, Guaranteed or Your Money Back!Recruiter Training - Increased Billings in 30 Days, Guaranteed or Your Money Back!
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Recruiter Training - Increased Billings in 30 Days, Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

Discover the Secrets of Top Producing Recruiters

The ONLY web-based recruiter training program that's guaranteed to increase your billings in 30 days, or your money back!

Want to make more placements and grow your recruiting business? Now you can receive world-class recruiter training "on demand" from your desktop 24/7. You'll find videos, audios, articles, downloadable forms, templates, checklists and more. Take the FREE tour now!

Featured Resources
WEBINAR: Offer Management - Closing the DealWEBINAR: Offer Management - Closing the Deal
Mark Whitby
In this online seminar, you'll discover proven offer management strategies of top producers. Take control of the offer process, defeat deal breakers, and convert more vacancies into placements. . . . keep reading

DOWNLOAD: Work in Progress SpreadsheetDOWNLOAD: Work in Progress Spreadsheet
by Mark Whitby
Use this spreadsheet to track your "work in progress" quickly and easily! Helps you to prioritize your live jobs and stay in control of what's happening on your desk. It will even help you predict your pipeline and produce acurate sales forecasts. . . . keep reading

Objection Handling: "We're Not Recruiting"Objection Handling: "We're Not Recruiting"
When you're canvassing for new business, this is the probably the last thing you want to hear! And for most recruiters, this objection signals the end of the conversation. But don't give up yet! If handled correctly, this objection can lead to a very productive conversation. . . . keep reading

DOWNLOAD: Sample Daily ScheduleDOWNLOAD: Sample Daily Schedule
by Mark Whitby
Here's a "day in the life" of a successful recruiter. Discover the key activities you must focus on daily and how much time to spend on each activity. As recruiters, our job is to generate fees, and it's easy to get distracted and feel busy without really achieving anything. Your Daily Schedule helps you stay focused, avoid distractions and manage your time more effectively. . . . keep reading

11 Ways to Generate More Vacancies11 Ways to Generate More Vacancies
by Mark Whitby
Whenever I get off track, I find it helps to go "back to basics." There are dozens of ways to generate new job orders, and these 11 tactics should form the foundation of your business development activity. . . . keep reading

AUDIO: How to Get Past the GatekeeperAUDIO: How to Get Past the Gatekeeper
Mark Whitby
Want to reach key decision makers more easily? In this audio seminar, you'll learn effective answers to "what is it regarding?" plus how to put yourself in control without being pushy, and more. Includes tips for dealing with voice mail and getting your calls returned. . . . keep reading

WEBINAR: How to Create a Business Development Culture
Ross Clennett and Mark Whitby
WEBINAR: How to Create a Business Development Culture Most recruitment agency owners and managers would agree that business development activity is critically important. Yet few owners have deliberately and systematically made business development an essential part of their company culture. This webinar will help you to create a culture where FINALLY your flow of business revenue IS predictable. The major impact on your business will be that you'll be able to smash your targets because you'll be busy EVERY month! Gone are the stressful days of being busy for the first 2 months of every quarter and then quiet for the last one. . . . keep reading
WEBINAR: How to Become the "Go-To" Recruiter in Your Niche
Andy Whitehead and Mark Whitby
WEBINAR: How to Become the "Go-To" Recruiter in Your Niche Imagine if you were the most well known, respected and sought after recruiter in your niche. What impact would that "expert" status have on your income? How much more confident would you feel about the future knowing you could provide the security and lifestyle that you've always wanted for yourself and your family?Recruitment is changing. In 2014 and beyond, the expert in each recruitment niche will get paid more, get more retained clients, superstar candidates and higher fees. . . . keep reading
Webinar: If It Don't Make Dollars, It Don't Make Sense
Bob Marshall and Mark Whitby
Webinar: If It Don't Make Dollars, It Don't Make Sense Do you want to move away from making mere cents in the recruitment industry to making large numbers of wonderful dollars! Do you work longer and harder than anyone else, but still not see any real rewards for your considerable efforts? Well, let me tell you how you can change your life and finally reap the benefits of your hard work. . . . keep reading
WEBINAR: How to Negotiate Better Fees & Margins
Mark Whitby
WEBINAR: How to Negotiate Better Fees & Margins How often do clients ask you for a discount? And how often do you give in to price pressure because you're worried about losing the business? When you add up all the discounted fees, how much is that costing you per year? What's the cost over 5-10 years? (If you've never added up how much profit you've given away, it's an extremely valuable exercise. You might be shocked at the true cost of discounting.) . . . keep reading
Webinar: LinkedIn Lead Generation for Recruiters
Terry Edwards and Mark Whitby
Webinar: LinkedIn Lead Generation for Recruiters Imagine if LinkedIn brought you a constant stream of warm leads, flowing into your business -- day in and day out. Imagine if when you opened your inbox each morning, it contained at least 5-10 fresh leads, sometimes more. That's 100-200 new leads per month! And by "leads" I mean in-bound enquiries from your ideal prospects -- potential clients who found you on LinkedIn, provided their contact information and are waiting to hear back from you. . . . keep reading
WEBINAR: Script Clinic - Let Me Re-Write Your Marketing Presentation for Maximum Response
Mark Whitby
WEBINAR: Script Clinic - Let Me Re-Write Your Marketing Presentation for Maximum Response Your potential clients are not sitting by the phone waiting and hoping for your call. They're busy, they get lots of calls from recruiters, and they don't want to speak with you. Harsh, but true. If you want to win more clients, you MUST have a well thought out, carefully crafted call opening. One that achieves the following objectives... . . . keep reading
WEBINAR: Establishing Elegant Rapport Through Elegant Communication
Bob Marshall and Mark Whitby
WEBINAR: Establishing Elegant Rapport Through Elegant Communication Effective communicators are flexible; able to change their communication style like a chameleon so they blend in with the person they're speaking to.  In this webinar, you'll discover three distinct communication styles (modalities) and how to instantly recognize someone's dominant or preferred style. After all, if you want to close more placements, then you need to be speaking the same language as your clients and candidates! . . . keep reading
WEBINAR: Candidate Control (Part 1)
Bill Radin and Mark Whitby
WEBINAR: Candidate Control (Part 1) Think of the last time a candidate let you down -- wasting your time, costing you money, hurting your credibility. Give us 120 minutes, and we'll teach you the strategies top-producers use to prevent no shows, turn downs, counter offers and fall offs. . . . keep reading
WEBINAR: Goal Setting for 2013
Bob Marshall and Mark Whitby
WEBINAR: Goal Setting for 2013 Are you primed and ready for a successful 2013? Or has the very idea of an annual plan got you running for the hills! Join Bob Marshall as he demystifies the art of goal setting and breaks down the creation of an annual plan into bite sized chunks that give you a daily action plan. . . . keep reading
WEBINAR LinkedIn Sourcing Without Searching
Mark Williams and Mark Whitby
WEBINAR LinkedIn Sourcing Without Searching Searching LinkedIn for keywords & phrases is great but what about those individuals who see no reason to fill out a full profile and optimise its content with keywords? These individuals rarely feel the need to look for a job or make themselves easy to find because they usually find opportunities come to them via their contacts and network. . . . keep reading
WEBINAR: Recruiting the Placeable Candidate
Bob Marshall and Mark Whitby
WEBINAR: Recruiting the Placeable Candidate Do you have open job orders you can't fill for lack of placeable candidates? If you could find and recruit the best candidates in your marketplace, how many more placements could you make? How much would that be worth to your business? In this 60-minute LIVE webinar, Bob Marshall will give you the tools and strategies to do just that. . . . keep reading
WEBINAR: Manging Client Relationships
Denise Walker and Mark Whitby
WEBINAR: Manging Client Relationships Do your existing customers really understand everything you have to offer them? Do you know what stage of the relationship cycle you're at with them, and have a plan for how to progress to the next one? What percentage of orders are being filled by you, compared to your competitors? If you struggled to answer any of these questions, you're missing out placements and leaving money on the table! Join Denise Walker as she shares exactly what you must do to answer these questions and more! . . . keep reading
WEBINAR: Candidate Sourcing Success
Mike Walmsley and Mark Whitby
WEBINAR: Candidate Sourcing Success How many more placements could you make if you could find the right candidates? If you'd like to improve the quality and quantity of candidates you recruit - whilst reducing advertising costs - then please join me and my special guest Mike Walmsley for this webinar. . . . keep reading
WEBINAR: Advanced Recruiting Cold Calls
Paul Siker and Mark Whitby
WEBINAR: Advanced Recruiting Cold Calls Let's face it; there are a great many recruiters who really dislike making cold calls to passive candidate prospects. For many, the act of picking up the phone to initiate a cold call is merely a precursor to overt REJECTION. But it doesn't have to be this way . . . keep reading
WEBINAR: Marketing Call Mastery
Bob Marshall and Mark Whitby
WEBINAR: Marketing Call Mastery Would you like more clients and job orders? Want to get better results from your marketing calls? Marketing is one of the foundational building blocks of success in recruitment. Here's your chance to discover the marketing techniques of top producing recruiters. . . . keep reading
DOWNLOAD: Job Order Matrix
Mark Whitby
DOWNLOAD: Job Order Matrix Here is the Job Order Matrix report. . . . keep reading
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